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Standard Procedures for Implant and Precision Attached Prosthetics

The technicians at Master's Touch Laboratories, Inc. are proud to accept the challenges of implant and precision attached prosthetics. This specialty is one of the most demanding and rewarding areas of dentistry. Communication between the dentist and technician is essential to insure satisfactory results. Our technicians are willing and able to provide assistance from treatment planning and case presentation to placement, patient education, and routine maintenance.

Because of the challenges of implant & precision attached prosthetics, we offer this service exclusively to established clients.

The procedures outlined here are recommended.

Treatment Planning

Send full arch upper and lower diagnostic models with a bite registration. The case will be designed, components selected, and a fee estimate can be made.


After case presentation and acceptance by the patient, call the laboratory. At this time, the case should be scheduled to allow ample time for fabrication and to avoid scheduling conflicts with the dentist, patient, or technician.

Implant and Precision attached prosthetics cases can require four weeks or longer from the tooth preparation appointment to final placement. Additional time should be allowed for follow-up adjustment appointments.

Preliminary Laboratory Work

When anterior or multi-unit fixed restorations are involved we recommend laboratory fabricated temporaries. They provide high strength splinting to minimize tooth movement and also provide an aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

A custom bite registration appliance is fabricated if needed.

The preliminary laboratory work can be fabricated on the full arch upper and lower diagnostic models used during the treatment planning step.

Tooth Preparation, Bite Registration, and Impressions

The teeth are prepared in the usual manner. When intra-coronal attachments are used the abutment teeth are modified to allow room for attachment placement.

Bite registration is taken.

Full arch working and opposing models are necessary. It is important that there is one master working model that has clear preparations, margins, borders, and edentulous areas. Transfer model techniques are not recommended and are not guaranteed.

Fixed Framework Try-In

The porcelain substructure is fabricated (allow four working day). It is delivered for try-in. Fixed framework try-in is always recommended.

Finished Ceramics and Partial Denture Wax Try-In

After the ceramics work has been completed a partial denture framework is fabricated and the partial denture is set up in wax (allow fifteen working days). The case is delivered for try-in. The fixed bridge is not cemented at the appointment.

Partial Denture Processing and Finishing

The partial denture is processed and finished in the usual manner. Precision attachments are placed into acrylic as required (allow four working days). The completed case is then delivered for placement.